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Atin Abr Arya Pvt.Company started its productive activity as a research team in 2011 and with the uninterrupted working of Iranian scientists reached to the invention of one type of 100% anti-bacterial bio-foam with high elasticity and hydrophobic features. This invention after passing legal procedures in Patent Office of Islamic Republic of Iran has been registered.

This Company- with creation of huge industrial complex about 16000 square meters- relying on the herbal and anti-bacterial features of the foams tried to doing its obligation of social responsibility with the approach of quality-orientation and the aim of Health promotion; and considering the competitive condition of the Market, made efforts to make unique products in comparison with the same ones in the market like hospital mattresses, Wheelchairs backs and seats, special medical pillows and ..., furthermore with using desirable raw material and benefitting mighty human resources, advanced equipment, powerful lab of research and develop unit, This company with a focus on innovation and the aim of consolidation of its exclusive advantages want to produce more innovative products.

This complex with the most updated industrial installation in order to responsiveness to all customer's needs, made products with plenty of uses like hospital use(with the approach of to reduce and to recovery bedsores with hospital environment sterilization and to minimize consumption of antibiotics), hoteling, bio-foaming house furniture and antibacterial house beds; thereupon this company in the way of its development laying on God's protection, effort of experienced staff, professionals support and encouragement of our dear countrymen will take important steps for domestic and international credit.


Preventive properties of Atin mattress

Atin Abr Arya Company by focusing on bedsore causes produced 100% antibacterial and totally orthopedic and herbal mattresses.

This company has been able to take off the pressure from patient's body with particular technology and prevent the inflammation in under pressure areas.

Bio-foam used in this mattress which is 100% antibacterial,antifungal and antimicrobials, prevents any bacterial growth including bedsore bacteria.

Other technology used in these mattress is air circulation system which has been used in 3 vulnerable areas of the body in rows of 10 and with the breathable cover that used in his product causing air flow and properly oxygenation to the skin surface.

As a result all the listed features of this product made this a comfortable and Healthy mattress without any pressure or infection for the patient or the elderly that may not move normally and prevented bedsores.

تشک بیوفوم آنتی باکتریال

Jafar khademy

Chairman of the board

Mojtaba Nor Alishahi


Maryam Sheikh Bahaei

Director-general of investment
and planning

Amir Hossein Khademy

Director-general office

Atin Managers

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